Energy Hogs

To say that electricity has revolutionized the way people live is somewhat of an understatement. In fact there is little we do today around the home that does not in some way utilize the tremendous power of electricity. Light bulbs, clocks, small appliances, computers, radios and televisions are all things we use almost everyday of every year.

But what are the big users of electricity? What are the energy hogs around your home? The answer to that question is not very hard to find. One feature of a home that often consumes the most electricity is the heating and air conditioning system.

Another big user in the home is the source of those wonderful hot baths, your water heater. In the kitchen, your refrigerator and freezer, along with self-cleaning ovens, are the biggest consumers of electricity. And, finally, the clothes dryer in the pantry, on average, can account for a sizable portion of your monthly bill.

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