What are the advantages of paying my bill online?
You’ll see a number of benefits.

  • First, it’s fast: when you pay online, we credit your payment to your EEC account as soon as we receive authorization from your credit card company—which is usually right away.
  • Second, you know we’ve received your payment and when.
  • Third, it’s easy: you can pay your bill any time with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • And fourth, it’s secure: with electronic payment, your check will never get lost in the mail.

Am I eligible to pay my bill online?
Probably. You need to have a credit-card account. In addition, you’ll need a pay-online password issued by the Co-op. If you did not find your password on your power bill, please call the Co-op office—we’ll give you one.

How do I enroll?
To login to your account the first time, follow this procedure:
Enter your account number without the last two digits (01, 02, etc).
Enter the same number for your password.
Click the Submit button.
If prompted, enter a new password and a hint to remember this password.
Click the Submit button.

What if I need help making a payment online?
Please call or email customer service.

How can I be sure my payment information is secure?
Edisto Electric uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to guard your payment information. Basically, when you enter the pay-online area of our website, our server starts an SSL session by sending your browser its public key. The browser in turn sends a secret key, which it generates at random, to the server, establishing an exchange that guards the security of the data.

Can I begin paying my Edisto Electric bill right away?

Yes. If you try to use our pay-online system and cannot, please contact customer service. To be on the safe side, we suggest you leave yourself time to pay your bill as you usually would when you first try our pay-online service.

How long does it take for a payment to be credited?

Generally, we credit your payment to your account immediately.

Will I still get a monthly statement in the mail?
Yes. You will receive your bill every month so that you can see how much energy you used and what payment is due.

How do I change the credit card information on my profile?
Each time you long onto our pay-online page, we ask you whether you’d like to charge your current bill to the credit-card number we have on file for you. If you’d like to use a different card, just fill in the new card type, account number, expiration date, and any other new information.

How do I delete my profile?
You can use a new payment method whenever you’d like. There is no need to delete your profile—only you can access it. If you wish to delete your profile, however, just follow the directions on the profile page.

Whom do I call if I have more questions?
Please call customer service at 1-800-433-3292.

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