Protect Yourself from Lightning

When there is an electrical storm, take precautions against lightning, even if the thunderstorm is not directly overhead.

A few summer storm safety tips:
• Seek shelter in a house, large building, or automobile — but not a convertible.
• Do not stand under a tree or near anything that is the tallest object.
• Do not stand on a hilltop. Seek shelter in the lowest area.
• If you are in water, get out as quickly as possible. If you are in a boat, get to land.
• Playing golf? Stop. Do not hold a metal golf club during a thunder or lightning storm. Take off golf shoes with metal spikes.
• Stay off bicycles, farm equipment, motorcycles and golf carts.
• Stay away from utility poles and power lines.
• Do not use telephones except in emergencies.
• Do not take a bath or shower.
• Do not use appliances such as hair dryers, toasters and radios.
• Keep batteries on hand for flashlights and radios in case of a power outage.

Source: National Electrical Safety Foundation

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