Report Outage

We at Edisto Electric Cooperative take pride in the service we provide. We wish the power could stay on all the time. But that is not possible. Often the power goes out during a storm.

In most cases, we can restore power in a short time. Once in a while, however, there is an ice storm, tornado, tropical storm, or hurricane that comes through our area and creates huge amounts of damage. In these cases, it may take us a lot longer to restore power.

If you have a power outage at your home or business follow these steps:

1.) Check to see if your circuit panel or fuse box has tripped or blown a fuse.  If it has tripped reset the breaker or replace the blown fuse.

2.) Check disconnect on outside just below meter base. (Not all buildings have an outside disconnect – mainly on mobile homes.)

3.) Check with neighbors to see if they have power.

4.) Call Edisto Electric Cooperative’s emergency dispatch at Bamberg: 803-245-5141; Barnwell 803-259-3717; St.George: 843-563-3292; or our toll-free number 1-800-433-3292. 

 5.) Turn off all household appliances, computers, televisions, and air conditioning and heating units, etc…When power is restored, turn on items one at a time.

*Outdoor lighting will be repaired during normal working hours only.*

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