Right of Way Program

Edisto Electric Cooperative, Inc. (EEC) proactively engages in a system-wide right-of-way maintenance program to provide safe and reliable electric service to its members – all day, every day.

We provide electric services with over 3,291 miles of power lines to more than 19,000 meters within 2,500 square miles of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Providing cost efficient and reliable electric service to our members is challenging because the terrain varies and is covered with many fast growing species of trees. Our well-managed right-of-way maintenance program helps EEC provide its members with safe and reliable electric services.

While trees add to the beauty of our communities, they are also responsible for costly property damage as well as dangerous and inconvenient power outages. In fact, tree failure is by far the leading cause of outages. A tree that grows into electrical conductors presents a potential hazard to you and others if it becomes energized when contacting a power line. Our electric system performed admirably during the most recent ice storm in January, 2004, in large part due to our proactive right-of-way program. The right-of-way program is a critical part of your everyday reliable electric service and is a critical part of our business, but most importantly, it is a critical part of your safety – for your family, friends and neighbors.


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