Just because you are able to get away and take some time off, doesn’t necessarily mean your electric appliances are getting time off too. And so bills can’t always be expected to be dramatically lower when you’ve been away on vacation. While you are away from home, your refrigerator, water heater and heating or cooling system, along with a hand-full of smaller appliances may be running almost as much as usual.

If the refrigerator or freezer is not emptied and turned off, for example, it will continue to maintain the preset temperatures. They may not run quite as much, but they will run just the same. The same is true for your water heater and heating and air conditioning system. Unless they are turned completely off, they are likely to operate periodically and use energy.

Other things around the home that may operate even though you are not at home are clocks, older color televisions with instant-on features, your well-pump if you have one, and attic fans or ventilators.

Deciding which of your appliances will be left on during your vacation is your decision. But it does not have to be an all-or-none situation.

In the end, every home and every family is different, and there are undoubtedly other things you can do in your home to trim the electricity used while you are taking it easy.

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