It’s Lawn Care (Safety) Time

Spring time is upon us and that means it’s time to refocus on lawn care as well as lawn care safety. Here are some basic tips to keep you safe while you keep yourself and the yard in shape.

For Electric Mowers
• Check cords and plugs. If you cut the cord with the mower frequently, use a ground fault interrupter to insure your safety.

Hedge Trimmers/Weed Trimmers/Lawn Edgers
• Wear safety eye protection. It’s also a good idea to wear long pants when doing lawn work to protect from abrasions.
• Never use electric-hedge trimmers over your head. If trimmers become lodged on something, disconnect it from the power source before attempting to dislodge it.
• Remember weed trimmers are intended for groundwork only, not for overhead work in trees or bushes where the hazard of flying debris is a real possibility. Be cautious around electric service lines, too.
• When using a weed trimmer, disconnect power before advancing the line if it is a manual-feed trimmer.

In General
• Keep children away from a mower unless you’re sure they’re trained in how to use it and the dangers.
• Don’t mow, trim or edge in “blind spots”. There may be hidden obstacles under bushes or hedges, or in trees.

Source: Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc.

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