Surge Guard

Protection against indirect lightning and harmful surges.

Protect appliances and valuable electronic equipment against power surge damage with Surge Guard® from Edisto Electric Cooperative, featuring Meter-Treater Surge Guard® Devices.  Because sudden powerful increases in voltage can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment, you need protection.  And Surge Guard helps to reduce the risk of surges that can damage everything from your television to your computer.  Our new Surge Guard program includes many devices that will reduce the chance of power surges reaching your home appliances and electronics.  With an increase in technology in the home, it makes sense to protect all of the things that make life easier.

Planning your defense

A power surge has many causes, the most obvious is lightning, but a majority of surges are caused by birds, animals, and trees interfering with power lines.  Even your refrigerator, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer can cause momentary internal surges.  And surges vary in intensity.  While a forceful surge can destroy an appliance, a faint surge may only dim your lights momentarily.  Help to reduce the risk of costly repairs and prolong the life of your appliances and electronics by using the Surge Guard program.

Two-stage protection plan

Surge Guard recommends using the two stage protection plan in order to provide the most effective protection.

The first line of defense
 is at the meter base.

Surge Guard is offering a surge protection device that fits behind the meter for 200 amp service and 400 amp service. Both devices can be leased from Edisto Electric Cooperative at $5.00 per month for the 200 amp service and $6.00 per month for the 400 amp service. A lease agreement will be made for a minimum of 36 months. Installation will be done by a representative of the Cooperative. The 240-1SL, for 200 amp service, installs between the meter and the meter socket. The unit is equipped with twin red LED lights to monitor the unit status. This unit provides protection from any surges that may enter the home at the meter. The RCHW-120SP-L2 400 amp service is installed by hard wiring the device at the service entrance. This device is used in residential or light commercial applications. The device can also be leased from the Cooperative and will be installed by a Edisto Electric representative. Both devices come with a 15-year limited product warranty through Meter-Treater, Inc. An optional extended warranty may be purchased with Meter-Treater, Inc.

Second stage of surge protection
 is inside the home. These devices are put inside the home to reduce the chance of internal surges from damaging the connected equipment.

One type is called the Pro-Treater Series. This is a line of in home surge protection devices that can help protect your outlets, phones, modems, and television. These devices come with a 1 year product and connected equipment coverage of $1,000 through Meter-Treater, Inc.

The second type of in-home protection is called the Multi-Treater 7 Plus. This is a unique device that is able to be customized to the buyers needs. The MT7Plus is standard with 7 electrical outlets, but it also has several modules that can be added to give more protection. There is a Coax module to protect your television from surges entering in through the cable and a telephone module to protect your phones or modems from phone line surges. The Multi-Treater 7 Plus comes with a Lifetime Product Warranty and a $25,000 Connected Load Warranty through Meter-Treater, Inc.

All secondary devices may be purchased at Edisto Electric Cooperative and it is the responsibility of the consumer to properly install the secondary devices. All warranty claims shall be made directly to Meter-Treater, Inc. by the homeowner.

Additional Member Services

With the installation of the Meter-Treater 240-1SL and the Meter-Treater RCHW-120SP-L2 an Edisto Electric Cooperative representative will check the member’s grounding and recommend any improvements that may need to be made. There will be a $25.00 service charge to cover equipment cost and the representative’s labor.

Apply now for Surge Guard

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