Quality Service

For well over half a century, Edisto Electric has delivered quality power at affordable prices to commercial, industrial and residential members of every description. Today, as sophisticated and sensitive electronic equipment continues to increase in our service area, reliable electricity is more vital than ever before. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our distribution system meets our customers’ needs consistently because we understand that power losses mean money losses … and because, to us, losses of either kind are unacceptable.

We’re constantly researching and implementing new technologies that improve efficiency and reliability. We conduct pole-to-pole inspections and regularly initiate new programs to improve electrical distribution system grounds, substation capacity and sectionalizing.

In short, we provide reliable service and, when problems do arise, we attend to them quickly. We recognize that these are essential elements to the continued productivity and profitability of our commercial and industrial clients.

Need help? Call us at 1-800-433-3292 or email info@edistoelectric.com