Energy Audit

Taking control of your energy use is probably easier than you realize. That’s because you have almost complete control over which appliances and electrical devices in your home will operate and for how long. It sounds simple, but of course there are some things you can’t just turn off and leave off. There has to be a balance between comfort, convenience and cost. And where that balance lies is completely different with each family in each home.

In an effort to help you determine how to keep your electric bills lower while maintaining a reasonable level of comfort and convenience, Edisto Electric Cooperative has produced this booklet which contains articles, suggestions and
methods for reducing your usage of electricity.

The job of a comprehensive energy use study is enormous, but with this book as a guide, homeowners can take a look at the major energy use factors in their homes and have a good starting point for reining-in those high bills. If, after you’ve gone through this book, you would like additional assistance in this area, Edisto Electric has trained personnel ready to help you.

Many times the first thing blamed for a high electric bill is the meter. But because of a thorough testing program maintained by Edisto Electric, the meters serving our customers are very accurate.

New meters delivered to us from the factory are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. To protect that consistency, no adjustments are made on new meters. And to ensure the continued accuracy of those meters, Edisto Electric tests many of them each year.

Meters are read monthly by Edisto Electric’s TWACS automatic meter reading system. One area of confusion with meter readings is the number of days in a billing cycle. The number of days in a billing cycle may vary between 28 and 32 days. So, when comparing one month’s bill to another, be sure to consider the length of the billing period.

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