R. D. Bennett Scholarship

Each year, winners of the Washington Youth Tour contest are qualified to compete for the Robert D. Bennett Scholarship through The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina (ECSC). A one-time check in the amount of $2,000 will be issued to the student and the college, university, trade or tech school of the winning student’s choice, after the registrar’s office completes the proper paperwork. The scholarship money may be requested up to three years after the winner is named.

To compete for the scholarship, each Washington Youth Tour winner must submit an essay. Competition is based on the essays and participation during the trip. Trip chaperones will judge the essays. S.A.T scores, grade point averages, class standing, and other honors will not be considered.

The Washington Youth Tour booklets that ECSC provides include a page on the essays with suggested topics (page 6). These booklets may be purchased for distribution to winners for ideas and help on the essay. Essay topics must be chosen from this page. The essays must not exceed 1,000 words and must be type-written and double-spaced. Students may use The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina (ECSC) booklet, publications from your cooperative, sites on the web, and personal interviews as sources.

The winner will be announced following the Tour and will be recognized at one of ECSC’s conferences.

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