Ways To Save

Edisto Electric Cooperative exists solely to serve its members. Since electric cooperatives are not out for profit, Edisto Electric never benefits when our members use more power or have higher bills. That’s why we’ve offered many different ways to save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs.

One such program is called Levelized Billing. If your electric bill varies widely from month to month, this budget plan spreads payments throughout the year. Levelized Billing makes your electric bill predictable by using a rolling average of your present month’s bill and eleven previous months’ bills, plus your current balance. With Levelized Billing there is never any sign-up fee or monthly service charge, but you must have been a member of the co-op for at least a year to apply.

For those interested in reducing their energy usage, Edisto Electric can supply a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit pamphlet, which will walk you through the steps to a more energy efficient home and lower energy consumption.

Edisto Electric’s web site also offers many ideas for conserving energy. After clicking on the ‘Energy’ section of the web site, visitors will find not only general energy saving and safety tips, but seasonal tips, as well. In this section there is also a Home Energy Use Calculator, so participants can break down their energy usage, appliance by appliance.

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