Keep Cool in Your Pool

You can use a lot of energy in a swimming pool but make sure it’s for fun and fitness, not for wasted electricity.

Pool pumps are one culprit. A one-horsepower pump running for 12 hours at 14.5 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will cost more than $25 per month to operate. To cut that cost, install a timer to run pool pumps long enough to keep the pool clean.

If your pool is heated, make sure it’s covered. Uncovered pools waste enormous amounts of energy since heat radiates into the air. Invest in a pool cover, which will also reduce evaporation of the water in your pool and can help reduce the amount of chemicals you must put in the water.

Pool covers can be either transparent or opaque, but a transparent cover will also provide some solar heating for your pool, reducing the amount of energy you use to heat the water. Talk to your pool supplier about the best choice for your pool.

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